What’s New In 2022? Luxury Travel in Indonesia

There is no country in Southeast Asia with more options for luxury travelers than Indonesia. At Asia Bespoke Tours, we offer one-of-a-kind, luxury experiences for our clients with offerings such as luxury yachting, luxury villas, golf, wellness, wedding & honeymoons, and luxury and boutique hotel packages. 

 After Indonesia lifted quarantine requirements for international travelers in March 2022, Indonesia travel is rising to 2019 rates. Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country that sits between the Indian and Pacific oceans, consisting of over 17,000 islands – including Java, Sumatra, and Bali. 

 The world’s largest island country offers a blend of nature, culture, cuisine, and activities. Travelers can be amazed at The Grand Temple of Borobudur in Java, experience a blend of art and spirituality in the cultural hub of Ubud in Bali, get up close and personal with Komodo Dragons in Flores, or experience some of the best diving in the world in spots like Raja Ampat. No matter what background or travel taste is preferred, Indonesia offers it all. There is much more to Indonesia than backpacking – this is a destination with thousands of custom luxury experiences for travelers looking to indulge, relax, and unwind.

Ultra-luxe resorts
Few destinations in Southeast Asia have ultra-luxe resorts to the caliber of Indonesia with activities and excursion opportunities intertwined with the experiences. Indonesia has a few of the top resorts in the region and at Asia Bespoke Tours we offer distinct and unique packages and deals with these resorts. Here are a few examples of ultra-luxe resorts across the regions and cities of Indonesia:
  • THE OBEROI LOMBOK: The Oberoi Lombok is located in Medana Bay, with remote and private beach access and views of the volcano Mount Agung
  • ALILA PURNAMA, KOMODO ISLAND: Alila Purnama is a luxury liveaboard in Komodo Island in Indonesia and consists of three decks, 4 double deluxe suites and 1 master suite with a private deck.
  • SIX SENSES ULUWATU, BALI: The gorgeous cliff-top Uluwatu resort offers uninterrupted views of the ocean from 360 degrees and is comprised of 103 suites surrounded by nature. 
  • BAWAH PRIVATE ISLAND: Bawah Private Island has only 70 guests at any given time and is a safari-style villa resort surrounded by the natural wonder of Bawah Island, Indonesia. 
  • The Hanging Gardens of Bali: Surrounded by the chirps of wildlife and tucked away in Ubud, the Hanging Gardens provides an oasis in the rainforest. 
  • Bulgari Resort & Spa: This stunning resort is known for its starlight dinner experiences, world-famous and top-ranked Bulgari Spa, and ocean view villas.  
  • Raffles   Raffles Bali is an oasis in the natural wonders of Bali with panoramic ocean views and sunsets from each of its villas. Raffles also has a Wellness Retreat on its grounds and personalized “Wellness Butlers” to take care of guests’ every need.
  • Amankila: Amankila of Aman Resorts is known for its treetop suites, one of the only five-star resorts in Indonesia to boast this style of lodging.


Our team at Asia Bespoke Tours is able to guide our guests through a safe and immersive journey through Indonesia. A luxury holiday does not need to be limited to laying on a hammock for the entire vacation. Indonesia is home to 17,508 islands – 6,000 of which are inhabited – and all of them are teeming with wildlife and beautiful scenery. Scuba diving and snorkeling is extremely popular in Indonesia due to the marine life, remote and private lagoons, Komodo dragon wildlife experiences, and secluded beaches. In all of these experiences, guests are not one of hundreds of travelers – the trip is often remote with either an entire island for your clients or a sprinkling of other guests – ensuring a secluded luxury vacation. 

Examples of luxury excursions include the following, all of which Asia Bespoke Tours offers:
  • Komodo National Park: Komodo Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the legendary Komodo Dragon. The park is composed of three islands – Komo, Rinca, and Padar – and the water surrounding these islands have bountiful marine life. The best way to travel this park is via a luxury private vessel – with onboard and offboard activities for intimate groups.
  • Sumba Island: Sumba Island is known for beautiful water and landscapes, but is also best known to house the top resort in the world – the Nihi in Sumba Island. Nihi Sumba Island has been ranked the world’s top hotel for two years in a row by Travel and Leisure. 
  • Raja Ampat:  Raja Ampat is an archipelago that is known as an unparalleled paradise for divers, nature-lovers and marine life enthusiasts. Raja Ampat also has a few of the top luxury resorts in the region including the Papua Paradise Eco Resort.
  • Bukit Peninsula: Located on Bali’s southern most tip, the Bukit Peninsula is a hilltop escape in Bali with villas, eco-retreats and secluded resorts overlooking mountain and ocean views. 
Within Indonesia, Asia Bespoke Tours is intimately familiar with these destinations and we understand how to set up a customized tour for your guests. From beautiful nature landscapes in Yogyakarta, Borobudur, Ubud, and Nusa Lembongan, to excursions to Labuan Bajo, Kanawa Island, and Komodo Tours, we understand the ins and outs of this luxurious destination more than any other national or international player.
Yachts and Cruising:
Indonesia is very accessible with luxury yachts and liveaboards. We organize these and develop seamless journeys, itineraries and packages for guests to Indonesia.
Lamima:  Lamima is a luxury charter experience through the waters of Indonesia with stunning views and serene expeditions onboard the vessel. Built in 2014, Lamima is a sturdy vessel with comfort and Indonesian hospitality.  
Rascal: Rascal has massive deck spaces (a 1,300 square foot roof deck) and a relaxation-style holiday with five en-suite cabins modeled after suburbs beach homes. 
Dunia Baru: Dunia Baru was hand-built using Ulin wood and is a combination of sailing techniques and expansive decks with an ancient Indonesian modern look.
Luxury Cruises by Aqua Expeditions: The world-renowned Aqua Expeditions takes its Aqua Blu luxury yacht around the beautiful wonders of Indonesia, including the spice islands and Raja Ampat.
Wellness & Spas:
Bali is the best known destination in the world for luxury wellness spas and sanctuaries. All of the wellness retreats are environmentally friendly and sustainable and offer world-leading transformation methods and techniques to heal guests in a luxurious environment. A few of the top wellness resorts in Indonesia include:
In 2022 and 2023, there is no better destination than Indonesia to relax and explore in a remote, luxurious and safe setting. To learn more about our custom luxury experiences, contact us. Contact Information for our Indonesia Team is as follows:
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