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Woman on white sand beach with feet in blue water with blue sky and green palm trees

Barefoot Luxury in Paradise


From a 5-star hotel in bustling Manila, a short plane ride escapes to the private island of Pamalican. Casitas on white sand beaches, spa treatments, outdoor activities and fine dining make this experience the high of luxury in the Philippines.

World-Class Diving in the Apo Reef Marine Life National Park


Apo Island, a world-class diving destination, well-known for its abundance in marine life. Home to shoals of fish swimming in clear blue waters of the Reef. There are 400 species of corals and 600 species of fishes in 85 families that include damselfishes, wrasses, butterflyfishes, groupers, gobies, angelfishes, blennies, parrotfishes, cardinal fishes, spine checks, triggerfishes, fusiliers, siganids, squirrel fishes, and trevallies. A highlight at the marine sanctuary is Turtle Point with the giant sea turtles.

Scuba diver shining flashlight on sea turtle in Philippines
Helicopter flying over Banaue Rice Terraces in Philippines

Life-Changing Helicopter Tour into the Philippine Cordilleras


From Clark 70 minutes Helicopter flight to Banaue. Hover over the various towns and rice terraces. Mayoyao about 50 km from Banaue, normally about 4 hrs of grueling ride with traditional Jeepneys, because it’s very remote terrain and the dirty tracks are hardcore! The majestic Rice Terraces are composed of 5 clusters of Ifugao rice terraces. This place is mostly off the radar for tourist because of its remoteness. Part of the exploration are the distinct Ifugao traditional huts, the amazing rice-terraces and friendly cheering Ifugao men enjoying a Bamboo bike race! 

Explore the Mentawai Tribe with a Shaman


Oncy Oni, a member of the tribe will guide you through the forest where the Mentawais live, learn about their culture, traditions, and way of living in the forest.

This tribe settled on the Mentawai Islands, Siberut, West Sumatra. Although modern traditions are currently weakening, the Mentawai Tribe still retain their traditions that existed since their ancestors. Some traditions and rituals look painful, such as the Kerik Gigi for women. The tribe has a unique tattoo tradition considered as the oldest tattoo in the world.From hunting to fishing, you’ll learn all secrets about them. Explore and enjoy natural surroundings, jump in the river for a refresh, try local food and stay at a home stay with the locals. 

Native Indonesian tribe member boy at river with canoe
Shipwreck below blue water on beach Coron

Meet the Guardians of Coron: The Tagbanua Tribe


Experience the whole of Coron Island, paddling 80 km circumnavigating from its tourist highlights through to its secret lagoons and jaw-dropping undercut limestone cliffs. This adventure takes you to the southern point of Coron, Calis Point – a less frequented part of the island. Part of the program will be to discover life and traditions of the Tagbanua tribe living on majestic Coron Island. They lived here for thousands of years, descendants of some of the oldest people to settle in the Philippines. They prepare for a courtship dance. Two men battle on the sand, a woman dances to their side. They are fighting for her love and she is waiting to see who will prevail.

Tuk Tuk Adventure in Northern Thailand


A stunning Tuk Tuk Adventure taking you deep into the heart of the mountains and Hill Tribe communities around Chiang Mai – and what better way to travel than in your very own Tuk Tuk, either driving (self-drive) or relaxing in the back seat (chauffeur option) right in the heart of the sights and sounds of this wonderful part of the world.

An incredible adventure awaits as you travel by Tuk Tuk and explore the mountains and remote communities of Northern Thailand. Take in the stunning views from these iconic vehicles, camp in a remote Karen Hill Tribe village, learn to cook a ‘jungle’ feast with the community, hike in the foothills of Thailand’s highest mountain and experience Thailand at its very best.


Woman on tuk tuk near elephant in Thailand
Group of basket boats floating a river in Vietam

Basket Boat Riding


Enjoy a wide range of experiences – from learning traditional fishing techniques, experiencing local cultural folk music of local fishermen to paddling the strange and unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boats while exploring the now tranquil coconut-palm flanked waterways of a past war. The basket boats are considered as one of Vietnam’s icons,  believed they were born out of ingenuity during the French colonial era.  Unlike other boats, the round shape of basket boat causes them to spin in circles.   Basket boats are an important part of communities in coastal Vietnam and basket boat races are popular components of local village festivals that you can’t miss.

Private Halong Bay Cruise


Sailing for Lan Ha Bay to Da Chong islet and over to Gia Luan Lagoon where limestone karst formations rise out of the sea. This quiet bay is untouched and remote, as not many cruise ships visit. Completing its entry through Cua Van area, starting the journey to explore Ba Trai Dao beach or Tra Bau area, a natural frontier between two provinces, Halong Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago. This is a secret hideaway with its pristine beaches, caves and coves, plus the natural beauty of about 400 limestone islands.  Kayak to be immersed in the crystal-clear waters of the bay and/or enjoy swimming, dine on local delicacies and an exotic cocktail while watching sunset over the Gulf of Tonkin. The last stage of the trip goes to Dark & Bright cave and islets by local rowing boats which is a wild and mysterious experience in the middle of the World Heritage.

Ship sailing Halong Bay at sunset
Woman riding bike through alley Bangkok Thailand

Colors of Bangkok Cycling Tour


Participants on our Colors of Bangkok bicycle tour will learn and see how daily life passes by for Bangkokians. We take you off the beaten track and show you a different Bangkok, a ‘local’ Bangkok, far away from the well-known tourist areas.
We set out a route which is traffic free for the majority, so you can fully enjoy the ride and the surroundings.
You don’t need to be a cycling fanatic to join the excursion. The pace is relaxed, and we make enough stops for taking pictures, explanation of sights, something to drink and ax.
Colors of Bangkok will be an amazing Bangkok biking experience!

14-Days of Luxury


From 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur to luxurious villas on the beach, this itinerary explores the best of Malaysia.  Exclusive dinners in a spectacular cave, soaking in magical hot springs and visiting an Orang Utan Island are just some of the highlights of this two-week journey.

Skyscraper towers lit again orange and purple sunset Kuala Lumpur
Family cooking Vietnamese food

True Vietnamese Cuisine Cooking Class


You will have chance to see some of the local life by visiting the colourful market, experience the amazing sights, sounds and aromas of the busy market, interact with the local sellers and purchase some of the ingredients to be used for your cooking lesson.

Under the guidance of experienced chefs at your own workstation, you will learn the fundamentals of Vietnamese cooking with ingredients and flavours, cooking tips, tricks, and techniques of some quintessential signatures of Vietnamese cuisine like “Goi Cuon”, “Cha Gio”, “Canh Chua” etc.

Completely immerse in local culture, spending 60 minutes in cooking class, it’s time for tasting and enjoying the dishes you have prepared

Vespa Tour of the Hidden Charms of Saigon


Experience the excitement of modern-day Ho Chi Minh City riding pillion on vintage Vespa. We know Saigon, and exactly how to take in the must-see landmarks while getting you off the crowded tourist trail to visit some fascinating places and sites than you could never find on your own. 

We zoom through Saigon traffic on the back of comfortable Vespa from the day light to nightlife and introduce to you a tasty food and live music along the busy streets of this vibrant city.

Young man on vintage Vespa with local man in Bangkok Thailand
Woman in red dress on luxury sampan in Mekong Delta - Vietnam

Luxury Sampan in the Mekong Delta


Away from the hustle and bustle of life on the Mekong’s main tributaries lies a world of pastoral harmony among the many tiny waterways that make up the Mekong Delta. Embark on a river cruise aboard the luxury sampan, witnessing life as it is lived on and by the river as you cruise past mangroves, boats laden with produce from the Delta, children playing in the river, and stilt houses along the banks. From the sampan, observe life as it plays out on shore – people going about their daily activities against picturesque landscapes – while your attentive crew serves tea and seasonal fruit. Stop at various points along the river for a look into some of the cottage industries of the region including a brick factory where everything is made by hand, pass monkey bridges and tiny villages to visit a Cao Dai temple. Explore the countryside surroundings by local rowboat.

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