Maldives: The New Destination for MICE

Few of us can imagine traveling to the Maldives to experience the magnificent beauty of the islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The tiny nation is often known as one of the top leisure and luxury destinations that may be on our Pinterest boards.
In recent years, the country has been striving to set itself apart from strictly a beach destination and instead transition into a unique MICE destination.

At our destination management company (DMC), Asia Bespoke Tours, we are laser-focused on bringing authentic experiences to MICE groups coming to a destination for the first time. We are experts in the Maldives and are excited about the destination re-launching itself as a meeting, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) destination.

In October 2021, the Maldives launched a new Global campaign called “Redefining MICE” to showcase the country as a preferred MICE destination. We imagine a typical MICE destination in a bustling city with massive hotels and enormous conference venues. The Maldives is changing that narrative of MICE and taking their twist on what it means to combine business and leisure. The approach re-invents the classic boardroom and stuffy meeting mentality. The goal is to step away from the plain and repetitive MICE experiences that we’ve known up until now.

Here are some reasons we think the Maldives should be your next “workcation”

A new method of business meetings:

The Maldives offers exclusive and one-of-a-kind workspaces for your next business trip, steering away from a traditional MICE setting (ex: big conference rooms, business casual, mundane atmosphere). The Maldives MICE offerings are aimed at smaller groups to inspire and nurture the minds while discussing business prospects and deals in an idealistic location.

● Seclusive and tranquil meeting locations such as o can offer a unique and personalized experience for your company and guests to be in a relaxed environment.
● Hop on a Liveaboards for an adventure out to sea for team bonding activities on the islands.
● A private beach dinner can be arranged for a dazzling evening under the stars.
● Private island? Say less; your expert destination management can set that up!
● Local vendors such as musicians can spice up your entertainment during gatherings.
● Have you got an adventurous group? The Maldives has an array of unique excursions and customized travel packages for your South Asia adventure.

Maldives sustainability efforts:

The Maldives is an idealistic location, but climate change threatens the islands due to the rising ocean waters. The nation is dedicated to the preservation of both land and culture. Numerous resorts on the islands have committed fully to sustainability efforts and initiatives that benefit the local communities. Tour operators have been offering more educational and volunteer-based exclusions, such as planting coral reefs or releasing turtle hatchlings.

Choosing a location that cares about its environmental impact could positively reflect how your company decides to do business in the future.

Staff loyalty

A big problem these days is finding and retaining Talent. The majority of today’s workforce comprises millennials (aged in the late 20s to early 40s). They have been shaping a new work landscape, and some companies are now trying to accommodate their wants and needs. Recognition in the workplace is one of the top priorities of a millennial employee, and it doesn’t always have to include something tangible. Rewarding employees with an incentive business trip can rely on the company seeing their hard work as a method to reward top earners and reduce staff turnover. 

Increased performance and motivation

The enticement of going on a business trip- especially to a destination like the Maldives – creates the sense of something to look forward to. Why not make it a reality? The Maldives in and of itself is a destination that, due to new airlift and tour experiences, is easier to reach than ever. This unique ability to access the Maldives is a workforce motivator with its beautiful nature. The islands are covered in white sands, aligned with palm trees, and surrounded by crystal blue waters. The Maldives is also just as beautiful underwater as it is above due to the country being home to 5% of the planet’s coral reefs. In the Maldives, travelers are welcomed by the sunshine, and friendly locals, where unique culture and traditions are discovered while relaxing in one of the world’s most beautiful and sought-after destinations.

Attracting new Talent

In the day of social media, employers and employees can easily share updates, events, and even their business travel experiences. Potential employees or admirers can view a MICE trip, such as one to the Maldives, as something they want to be a part of. Engagement on social media may increase, broadening company awareness in the industry.  

Location, Location, Location!

Many companies are experiencing video call fatigue due to the Pandemic. Some workplaces have moved back into the office or have set up a hybrid model; some employees have never even met in person! The Maldives is the perfect way to connect with your employees after these few difficult years. One of the 1,200 islands in the Maldives is bound to revive employees’ minds and promote mental well-being. Who wouldn’t want to brainstorm a marketing plan surrounded by crystal blue waters, powder-like sand beaches, and daily eating locally sourced fresh food?

Direct flights to the Maldives are available from many European countries, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries. Connecting flights would be required for those traveling from North or South America. The accessibility to travel to the Maldives has grown due to popularity, and airlines have been providing more flights in recent years.

Maldives' new developments

Although the nation is relatively small, they are still growing and expanding space for tourists along their hundreds of islands. Most recently, hotel giant Hilton is opening a new resort in addition to the three other locations they have.

Suppose your company is looking for someplace eco-friendly. In that case, your DMC partner in south Asia should check out the newly awarded Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences, given the ‘Considerate Collection’ Green Status. This is the only hotel in the Maldives to achieve this recognition.

With the distinctive effects of the Pandemic and new shocks linked to global conflict, and economic diversification, the Maldives has not fallen short of adaptation; the tremendous growth has shown their commitment to being a leisure and business destination for all. They are achieving this through their digital technologies from high-speed internet and supporting local entrepreneurs. Recently they have introduced Barefoot boardrooms – who doesn’t want to sit under lush palm trees and stick their feet in the warm, soft sand rather than in a cold meeting room? The Maldives has been ramping up its unique MICE accommodations to attract all industries to visit the tiny nation for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. It also doesn’t hurt to know that the country has been awarded the World’s Leading Destination for two years (even during the Pandemic).

“The Maldives is unparalleled in offering that quintessential ‘laid-back’ atmosphere for thought-provoking and stimulating discussions,” said Thoyyib Mohamed, managing director of Visit Maldives, in October 2021. The ease of transitioning from a morning meeting to an afternoon diving lesson to an evening award ceremony emphasizes how easy it is to have multiple experiences in one place in a matter of hours.

Asia Bespoke is here to guide you for a unique MICE experience in the Maldives. Our expert destination management staff are here to help with the planning process.

Are you interested in booking a business trip to the Maldives? Reach out to us at Asia Bespoke Tours, and we will help you plan your custom trip!

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